Who and What Is Farm Life Stables?

In late 2013 Rhea and Sue Butler purchased part of the land near the Griffins Township Fire Department Located on Fire Department Road originally known as Forest Trail Stables.The property consists of approximately 23 acres of land with 18 acres devoted to pastureland and the remaining 5 acres to buildings including a house, 18 stall horse barn, an indoor riding facility and various sheds. Rhea and Sue both have full time jobs and did not buy this property for business or income purposes, rather as personal retirement investment as well as a long term investment in their grandchildren. Their son Garland married Jamie Ward a horse enthusiast from a young age who had installed a love of horses in their three girls. As a family they have maintained horses off and on for a very long time. Garland as a child, Jamie as a child and all of the girls from childhood. This facility offers this young family a haven for horse lovers. The property was in a state of disrepair and needed some work to bring it up to the state of repair they desire.  Because it is not considered a business enterprise with a focus on the bottom line, the family is moving forward with the repairs and improvement of the facility but at a more relaxed pace than would be required with for profit business. As such, the facility has more relaxed and friendly environment. Jamie has been dubbed "manager" and is in charge of handling the operation. Rhea, Sue, Garland and the three girls are all involved in whatever it takes to make sure all is well.

FLS Total Farm

Things are looking good. Stalls are filling with family owned horses and boarder horses.The facility has a family feel for all boarders and visitors whether there for caring for their horses, riding their horse, receiving riding lessons, having pictures made, watching children learn about horses as parents, grandparents or friends or just visiting. It is just a fun place to be.  This family run operation is destined for success. Maybe not a financial super profit center but is becoming a cozy, laid back gathering place for down to earth homespun horse lovers of all ages particularly the very young. Sunday afternoons are especially nice as children that can barely reach the underside of the horse they are leading from the barn to the exercise pen for their riding lesson are being watched with such love and affection by their parents and friends.

There are several little girls whose weekends have become exciting learning experiences that they look forward to almost like Christmas. Then there are those children who come to have pictures taken at the horse farm. Add to this the work ethic the children are getting from the horse farm experience and the measure of value is beyond extreme. Character is being molded here. A growing audience appreciates Rhea and Sue for their investment and hard work in helping to invigorate this facility and for their love of and for family. Jamie, the facility manager has put a lot of energy and effort into growing this family oriented operation. It is for her a part time venture as she works a full time job as a Registered Nurse and Manager of Clinical Practice with Gentiva Home Health Care. Lynnsie, Brooke and Madi have offered dedication and tenacity to help make this facility a haven of well-being for those who seek time with horses. This facility will be a blessing to well-meaning parents and individuals who love their children and want them to be a part of growing up with life on the farm. It will also become a home for students seeking equestrian degrees.

Over view of entire farm.


Over view of facility.


Over view of facility buildings.


Over view of 70 foot X 200 foot Indoor Riding Facility.


Over view of 18 Stall Horse Barn.


** Pictures taken from Google Earth screen captures. **